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Vegetable Dips (Gluten Free)


This dip mix packs a lot of punch! What can beat the taste and smell of fresh dill! Doubles as a great sauce for salmon, in egg salad and on potatoes.

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Tomato & Basil

The fresh sweet taste of tomatoes in this dip mix meets the fragrant sweet scented taste of fresh basil! Great on Sandwiches!

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Southern Veggie

This dip mix tastes like a cornucopia of fresh veggies bursting with flavor!

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Garlic Lover

GARLIC... The most heavily used seasoning in the world and our BEST SELLER! Do you have a Garlic Galore dip mix in your kitchen? No? Then you need one! Where the name says it all... a boldly flavored dip loaded with garlic!

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Horseradish & Garlic 

On the most requested list! This truly heavenly horseradish dip mix has a smooth bite with a cool aftertaste. A traditional favorite as a seasoning on roast beef or steak! Prepare it as a great dip and it is also wonderful on sandwiches or wraps.

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Portabella & Artichoke

Earthy mushrooms and artichoke with an accent of spinach and garlic. Made as a dip mix OR a spread! This is a gourmet hit for every occasion!

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Spinach Artichoke

This dip mix is is loaded with fresh spinach and succulent artichoke. Two tastes that go hand in hand. Serve hot or cold. Also makes a great sauce for fish or chicken.

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Sweet Onion

A sweet, mild and delicious dip mix! The fresh taste of vidalia onions tastes like it was just harvested from southern Georgia! Great as a dip for just about anything and burgers and steaks.

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Onion N' Chive

A classic combination. This dip mix taste of fresh onions and chives. Great with chips, nachos or fresh veggies.

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Italian Favorits

The flavors of tomato, black olives, garlic and onion makes this New dip mix a hit!