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Olive Oil Blends

Tuscan Blend

An Italian olive oil blend with a savory taste that works well tossed over pasta or salad, bread dip or marinade for chicken or on stir-fried veggies.

Pesto & Basil

Flavors from the heart of Genoa Italy to your table. Enjoy the fresh taste of basil, garlic and cheese in this tantalizing olive oil blend.

Great as a bread dip with any kind of bread.


Capture the flavors of sundried tomato, fresh basil and garlic in this easy and delicious olive oil blend. Always a huge hit!

Try it with cream cheese as a cheeseball!

Garlic Lovers

Our best selling olive oil blend! A quick, easy, and memorable bread dip mix that will leave your family scraping the plate! Also makes a chicken or shrimp scampi that will impress even your toughest critics!

Greek Isle

Enjoy the taste of classic Mediterranean herbs and spices in our Greek Isle olive oil blend. Add some feta cheese and a touch of chopped olives in this bread dip for a full Greek Isle experience!

Sweet & Mild Peppers

This olive oil dip is bursting with sweet flavor I taste the onion & garlic in it also you have got to try this dip

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