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Spicy Dips

Florida Chipotle Orange


This new dip has a fresh and sweet taste of mandarin oranges that meets the smoky, rich taste of chipotle peppers. A little sweet and a little spicy make for a wonderful taste that is good on wraps or sandwiches and with chips for dipping!

Jalapeno Peppers


This dip mix is Sweet AND Spicy! Great with chips, tacos, chili and in hamburgers! Makes a great salsa too!

Habanero & Chili


Not only HOT, but packed with great flavor! Add some habanero dip mix to your chili!

Raspberry Chipotle


Fresh raspberries paired with the mild spice of Chipotle makes this dip mix great with everything!

Hot Habanero


Our hottest dip yet it's packed with flavor if you like hot this is your dip

Pepper Ranch


This hot dip is bursting with flavor of many different peppers. One taste of this dip and you will want more and more.

Wings & Cheese


Sharp bleu cheese with a spicy buffalo wing sauce makes this dip mix a party favorite!

Add mix to burger meat for a gourmet treat!

Horseradish & Garlic


On the most requested list! This truly heavenly horseradish dip mix has a smooth bite with a cool aftertaste. A traditional favorite as a seasoning on roast beef or steak! Prepare it as a great dip and it is also wonderful on sandwiches or wraps.

Cheesy Enchilada


One of my favorite Dips. Tastes great with tortilla chips.

Itialian Favorite


The flavors of tomato, black olives, garlic and onion makes this New dip mix a hit!

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