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Dessert Dips (Gluten Free)

Maple Pecan Pie 

The rich taste of maple syrup paired with pecans makes this tasty dessert mix great with cinnamon sticks and even with cream cheese as a delicious bagel spread!

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Banana Cheese Cake

The fresh, ripe taste of bananas with rich, smooth vanilla cream. Yum! This dessert mix will surprise you! Great as a frosting!

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Treat your taste buds to the warm taste of pumpkin and spice in this dessert mix. A true Thanksgiving treat that can be enjoyed anytime. Great as a dip for apples!

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Cinnamon Roll 

Indulge in the taste of warm cinnabuns right from the oven! Try using this dessert mix as a bagel spread with just cream cheese or with animal crackers as a fruit dip!

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Florida Key Lime Pie

This dessert mix brings the pure taste of the Florida Keys to you! Take a dip with fresh strawberries!

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Strawberry shortcake

This dessert mix is bursting with the taste of freshly picked wild strawberries! We love this as a bagel spread or fruit dip!

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Philli Cheesecake

The original cheesecake dessert mix! Rich, smooth and creamy. It is a party favorite!

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Chocolate Truffle 

A rich, smooth and creamy classic dessert mix. Garnish with shaved chocolate for an elegant presentation. Great with pineapple and strawberries as a fruit dip!

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White Chocolate Raspberry

The silky taste of white chocolate and fresh raspberries creates a balance of perfection in this dessert mix!

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Florida Cream Sickle 

This dessert mix tastes just like the old fashioned creamsicle! A smooth and creamy summer delight!