Darn Good Dips! - Vegetable Dips
Darn Good Dips! - "Darn Good Taste"
Vegetable Dips
Bacon & Garlic
What tastes better than the taste of Bacon and Onion? This dip mix! Great on Everything!

Try it on your next sandwich!

Price: $5.00
Say Cheese! Smooth and cheesy with a burst of bacon. This dip mix keeps you coming back for more! Great on baked potatoes or sandwiches! Kids love this dip!
Price: $5.00
Cool Cucumber
Crisp and cool. The taste of cucumber has never tasted so fresh! Great dip mix on sandwiches, gyros or in pasta salad.
Price: $5.00
This dip mix packs a lot of punch! What can beat the taste and smell of fresh dill! Doubles as a great sauce for salmon, in egg salad and on potatoes.
Price: $5.00
Garlic Lovers
GARLIC... The most heavily used seasoning in the world and our BEST SELLER! Where the name says it all... a boldly flavored dip loaded with garlic!
Price: $5.00
Maine Lobster
Try a Lobster dip so simple to make yet so tasty! A big hit at every party!
Price: $5.00
Green Onion & Chive
A classic combination. This dip mix taste of fresh onions and chives. Great with chips, nachos or fresh veggies.
Price: $5.00
Portabella & Artichoke
Earthy mushrooms and artichoke with an accent of spinach and garlic. Made as a dip mix OR a spread! This is a gourmet hit for every occasion!
Price: $5.00
Tomato & Basil
The fresh sweet taste of tomatoes in this dip mix meets the fragrant sweet scented taste of fresh basil Great on Sandwiches!
Price: $5.00
Spinach Artichoke
This dip mix is is loaded with fresh spinach and succulent artichoke. Two tastes that go hand in hand. Serve hot or cold. Also makes a great sauce for fish or chicken.
Price: $5.00
Spinach & Cheese
Fresh spinach meets the cheesy goodness of Parmesan cheese. Serve as a hot or cold appetizer!

Price: $5.00
This dip mix tastes like a cornucopia of fresh veggies bursting with flavor!
Price: $5.00
Sweet Onion & Garlic
A sweet, mild and delicious dip mix! The fresh taste of vidalia onions tastes like it was just harvested from southern Georgia! Great as a dip for just about anything and burgers and steaks.
Price: $5.00
Florida Coconut Shrimp
This dip mix taste of crispy, succulent shrimp covered in sweet, toasted coconut flakes....delicious!
Price: $5.00
Northern Maple Bacon
Savor the rich taste of maple paired with the smoky, mouth-watering taste of bacon. A fresh twist and an unforgettable flavor!

This is one of our favorite dip mixes that can double with cream cheese for a delicious bagel spread.
Price: $5.00
Mushroom & Pesto
This dip mix has a rich, exotic flavor of shiitake mushrooms blended with the fresh taste of pesto! Great on sandwiches and wraps!
Price: $5.00
Spinach & Onion
Spinach that tastes so fresh you would think it came straight out of the garden! Serve this dip mix with pita wedges or chilled veggies.
Price: $5.00
My Taco Dip
Taste like fresh tacos this is Karen's dip that she has been bringing to parties for the last 30 years. I always leave with a empty plate People of all ages love this dip. the recipes of how to prepare this dip comes on the back of the package.
Price: $5.00
My Chili Dip
Family recipe created by Jean
taste's like a bowl of Chili.
A very good dip to bring to parties , kids and adults alike will love this dip. special recipe printed on the back of package.
Price: $5.00
Fresh Avocado tatse brusting flavor, Eat this with any of your Mexican dishes.
Price: $5.00
Pizza Party
Americas favorite food all mixed into a wonderful dip, with all of your favorites toppings.
Price: $5.00
King Crab
Fresh from Florida made with crab extract one of our best selling seafood dips.
Price: $5.00
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