Darn Good Dips! - "Darn Good Taste"
Our dips are all natural (100%)
No Preservatives
Many are Gluten Free
No GMO's   
A Health Food Product!
Good reasons to raise funds
with Darn Good Dips
Best Fundraiser!!! It is simple for your group to make big money Fast!!!
Your Church, Charity or  School will love this Fundraiser!!!
WE Provide you with free samples for your people to try before they buy.
In these hard times people still  need to buy food.
All of our products sell for 5.00 each and you keep 2.50 for every product sold.
Your group makes 50% Profit every sale.
* Youth Group               * Baseball  Team
*School Band                * Basketball Team
*Cheerleading Team     * FootBall Team
*Boy Scouts                  * Soccer Team
*Girl Scouts                  *and other groups
Products included in our                      fundraiser:                                          
                                 * Dry Rubs
                                 *Vegetable Dips
                                 *Olive Oil Dips
                                 *Dessert Dips
Sample and buy our dips EVERY SUNDAY at:
Titusville, Florida Farmers Market
(Click for more details)
We sell our dips at Art and other special events.
PLUS! We have our Dip Chiller Cooler Baskets with us For Sale! These hand painted wicker coolers are insulated made for cooling our vegetable and dessert dips! 
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